Is Your Résumé Healthy?


Are you treating your résumé and job search like your dental health?

Do you like going to the dentist?  Well, although I go regularly, I don’t LIKE to go.  I used to believe the dentist poked around my mouth with that pointy metal thing to purposely hurt me. The dentist used to say, “You must floss every day.” My response was, “I do floss”…while thinking – not every day…but almost every day!!”

So I decided to take my dentist up on the challenge and floss each and every day for the next six months until my next dental check-up. Six months later during my dental exam, I learned that by flossing every day I actually strengthened my gums and achieved optimal dental health – such great results in just a matter of months! Most importantly, the dentist noticed.

Do recruiters notice your résumé or how extraordinary you are during the interview? Whether or not you floss your teeth regularly or visit the dentist bi-annually, be sure to give your résumé a regular check-up so that it stays in great shape. Brushing up on your interviewing skills is a good idea, too. You will achieve great results in just a matter of time!

Take me up on the challenge and schedule your FREE résumé check-up with IPMG today.

Don’t forget to leave your comments with us. Let us know…

  • Do you give your résumé a periodic check-up?

  • When was the last time you brushed up on your interviewing skills?

  • What are you doing to maximize your employment search?

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