An “Appropriate” Lesson Learned From Lady Gaga

An “Appropriate” Lesson Learned From Lady Gaga

A friend of mine often uses the phrase “so inappropriate” when describing unprofessional employee actions or situations at work. The circumstances vary but typically consist of the use of mobile devices, grooming and hairstyles, certain behaviors, and attire that may be considered inappropriate or unprofessional in some professions and industries.

What’s troubling is that when these improprieties are brought to the offenders’ attention, responses are usually something like, “I always do this” or “What’s the problem? I’ve “always” done it this way”. Okay? Does that mean what you’ve always done is appropriate for your profession and industry?

Let’s consider Lady Gaga’s attire. Is she appropriate? Absolutely! What Lady Gaga wears to work is appropriate for her profession and industry – entertainer and recording artist in the entertainment industry! If your profession and industry is not entertainer and recording artist in the entertainment industry, you should seriously reconsider going to work in the same styles of clothing, hair, and even makeup used by Lady Gaga or anybody else in an industry or profession that is not similar to yours.

What’s appropriate for Lady Gaga to wear to work is inappropriate for an administrative assistant in the medical industry. Would you wear firefighter gear to work if you were a Project Manager in the IT industry or a Server in the food service/restaurant industry? Maybe on Halloween, but you get the picture, right?

In order to grow and reach new levels in our professional lives, we must ask ourselves this question – Am I appropriate for my profession and industry? If the answer is questionable, uncertainty, hesitant, or simply no, allow IPMG to help you get back to being appropriate again.


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