Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

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“Yes, I can come in tomorrow at 4:00pm!” Mia was so thrilled to receive a call inviting her to interview for her dream job. When she received the call to interview for that dream job, Mia immediately responded and accepted the first interview time and date that was offered to her … without thinking and unfortunately to her detriment.

Mia was actively seeking a new gig – a more desirable position that would continuously stimulate her curiosity and improve her career outlook over the next few years. She no longer liked her current job, and every day Mia felt weary, burned out, and demotivated.

Immediately after a long day of work at a job she no longer liked, Mia attended the interview for her dream job. After Mia left the job that she was hoping would soon become a distant memory, she was exhausted which negatively influenced her demeanor during the interview for her dream job. Mia did not appear to be excited or invigorated about the prospect of getting her dream job. And, she wasn’t prepared. How do you think Mia did in the interview? If you guessed #EpicFail, you guessed correctly.

Here are a few tips for avoiding #EpicFail and planning your job interviews when you are energized and at your absolute best:

Be strategic about planning your interview schedule during your job search. The recruiter or hiring manager knows you are currently working and understands your position. Don’t feel pressured to take the first available interview appointment that is presented to you. Scheduling the interview for tomorrow may be too soon. In any instance, allow yourself time to properly prepare for the interview – research, develop questions to ask, and practice.

Consider your personal preferences, especially if you are given a choice of interview appointment dates and times. Are you a morning person or not? Are you at your best during the mid-afternoon or early evening? If you have a day off coming up soon, consider going to the interview on your day off or before work. This approach may alleviate pressure and stress you may normally encounter during the days you are off-kilter.

Ask about the anticipated interviewing schedule, especially when the company is interviewing a number of candidates. Try to avoid being the first candidate to interview if the interviews will last over an extended period. In my opinion, avoiding the first interview slot will improve your chance of not becoming a distant memory to recruiters or hiring managers.

Choose to interview when you will be at your very best – mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Simply put – choose a day and time that is best for you!


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