Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

“Yes, I can come in tomorrow at 4:00pm!” Mia was so thrilled to receive a call inviting her to interview for her dream job. When she received the call to interview for that dream job, Mia immediately responded and accepted the first interview time and date that was offered to her … without thinking and … Continue reading Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

6 Reasons Why You Need a “Ready-to-Go” Résumé

When was the last time you updated your résumé? I’ve worked with some extraordinary professionals who admitted they don’t know the whereabouts of their résumé because they’ve been on their current job for so long. Wow! So much has changed over the years. For instance, LinkedIn, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and networking have popped up … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Need a “Ready-to-Go” Résumé

Job Fairs… Seriously?!

This past week alone, I read or heard about several job fairs around the area. One article I read featured an outlet mall job fair, thousands of attendees, and quite a few companies that were present to do “on-the-spot” interviews and hiring. This is great news! The not so great news is that I was not … Continue reading Job Fairs… Seriously?!

An “Appropriate” Lesson Learned From Lady Gaga

A friend of mine often uses the phrase “so inappropriate” when describing unprofessional employee actions or situations at work. The circumstances vary but typically consist of the use of mobile devices, grooming and hairstyles, certain behaviors, and attire that may be considered inappropriate or unprofessional in some professions and industries. What’s troubling is that when … Continue reading An “Appropriate” Lesson Learned From Lady Gaga