Hang Up The Holdups In Your Job Search

What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you have plans to land that dream job but haven't bothered to layout your job search plan? It's not too late. Start today by first identifying the holdups. You're Paying Attention to Other People’s Opinions  “You have to do this,” “Never do that,” “My cousin’s best friend got a … Continue reading Hang Up The Holdups In Your Job Search

Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

“Yes, I can come in tomorrow at 4:00pm!” Mia was so thrilled to receive a call inviting her to interview for her dream job. When she received the call to interview for that dream job, Mia immediately responded and accepted the first interview time and date that was offered to her … without thinking and … Continue reading Does #EpicFail Describe Your Last Job Interview?

6 Reasons Why You Need a “Ready-to-Go” Résumé

When was the last time you updated your résumé? I’ve worked with some extraordinary professionals who admitted they don’t know the whereabouts of their résumé because they’ve been on their current job for so long. Wow! So much has changed over the years. For instance, LinkedIn, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and networking have popped up … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Need a “Ready-to-Go” Résumé

Cover Letters Are For…

Cover letters – the talk of the town. We often hear many questions about the relevancy of cover letters. Do we need cover letters to apply for jobs? Do recruiters and hiring managers read cover letters? What purpose does the cover letter serve? Let me tell you a story… At the turn of the century, … Continue reading Cover Letters Are For…